Sterling Trucks Foreword When performed on a regular basis, lubricating the parts of your vehicle is the least costly way of obtaining safe and reliable vehicle operation. Added benefits and savings occur when you check that the engine, undercarriage, and noise emission control parts are in good working order during lubrication. This maintenance manual explains when you should lubricate parts and what to look for when checking for wear or damage. For daily and weekly checks, refer to the vehicle driver’s manual.

IMPORTANT: Descriptions and specifications in this manual were in effect at the time of printing. Sterling Truck Corporation reserves the right to discontinue models and to change specifications or design at any time without notice and without incurring obligation. Descriptions and specifications contained in this publication provide no warranty, expressed or implied, and are subject to revision and editions without notice. For additional information, please contact Freightliner LLC, Service Systems and Documentation, P.O. Box 3849, Portland, OR 97208-3849, U.S.A. or refer to and

Download PDF for Acterra Models: MX Maintenance Manual