Isometric drawing is essential to the engineering filed. Through the isometric drawing, it is easier to imagine how a part or a drawing would look like. Some isometric drawing has no details such as dimension and annotation. This type of isometric drawing is usually accompanied by orthographic drawings with complete detail and annotation.

I. Setting up AutoCAD for isometric drawing.
1. Open the drafting settings window and select the snap and grid tab. Go to tools from the main menu and select drafting settings from the drop down menu
2. In the snap type & style section, select isometric snap.
3. Select the polar tracking tab
4. Enable polar tracking by clicking the white square just beside the polar tracking on. Set the increment angle to 30 degrees
5. Click the OK button. This will change the crosshair to an isometric mode. This is very useful for creating isometric circles.
6. Press F5 from the keyboard several times and observe the cursor. F5 will allow the cursor to change orientation from top to front and then to side.

II. Creating isometric lines.
Isometric lines are simply lines that are inclined at a 30 degree angle. You can use the length angle method to create isometric lines. However, using this method will make the designing process difficult since you have to type the length and then angle every time you need to create isometric lines.

Download pdf Autocad Isometric Drawing

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