Service Bulletin BMW Motorcycles
Bulletin No: 27 001 03 (005)
Date: April 2003
Subject: Supplement to and revised information for
02V-190: F 650 CS Rear belt wheel cracks.
02V-191: F650 CS Front belt wheel not
correctly secured.
Operating Manager
Sales Department
Accessory Department
Parts Department
Service Department

The information provided to you in the Service Bulletins listed below is superceded and is no longer valid:
27 001 02 (026) and
27 001 02 (026) Revised
In order to avoid confusion in the future, please destroy all copies of Service Bulletin numbers 27 001 02 (026) and 27 001 02 (026) Revised that are retained in your service library. Dividing the information into Two Sections, we will individually address the revised actions required to complete the updates and repairs to the motorcycles affected by these recalls.
Section 1 will deal with the checking and replacement of the rear drive belt wheel, Recall 02V-191.
Section 2 will explain the procedure involved in checking and if necessary replacing the front drive belt wheel and gearbox main shaft as a result of the front belt wheel not being correctly secured, Recall 02V-190.

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