The installation procedure is simple. Please follow the steps bellow: 1. Synchronize your mobile device with your desktop PC. Run the installation program ‘Setup.exe’ from the CE STAR disk’s root directory. An introductory window should appear(Illustration 1-1). 2. Click the [Next>] button to view the standard EULA (End User License Agreement). If you can not see the [Next] or [Start] button of Illustration 1-1 the screen, please press Enter key of your desktop PC keyboard to continue. 3. Click the [Agree] button, and you will be taken to the installation components selection window.(Illustration 1-2).

4. Select the components you want, and press the [Next>] button and you will enter the copying screen. 5. Click the [Start] button to begin installation. Illustration 1-2 6. After installation is completed, a screen will appear prompting the user to register on our website. The user may choose to register at this time, or at a later point in time. 7. Your mobile device now must undergo a soft-reset. Use the stylus to tap the (OK) button on the dialogue window on your device. The installation process is now completed!

Download pdf CE-Star Suite for Pocket PC2003/203SE Users Manual Guide