state of the Cisco Networking Academy. Program and its future direction, as well as
… Mr Antonio Herrera, Cisco Networking Academy Program Manager, Spain

COMPUTERWORLD. SPAIN. FEB 2002. PRESS ARTICLE Cisco Networking Academy Program 1 T he city of Barcelona was the chosen venue for the gathering of representatives from the 220-plus Spanish academies affiliated to the Cisco Networking Academy Program. This training program was set up by the networking giant Cisco Systems, to increase the number of internet specialists on the labour market. There are 60 academies in Catalonia and 220 in Spain as a whole, making it the country with the third-highest number of such academies in Europe, and the fifth-highest globally. One of the main achievements of the conference has been to update the curriculum of the program to reflect the latest developments in networking, improving further still this ambitious technology education program. The program aims to address the shortage of IT professionals in Spain and throughout Europe. Antonio Herrera, Cisco Networking Academy Program Manager (Spain) estimates the number of vacant IT positio in Europe will rise to 998,000 by the year 2004. “Although it has been in existence for just two yea,” says Herrera, “the Networking Academy Program has already