PNIE gives Cisco Networking Academies the opportunity to deliver … The PNIE course expands and strengthens the Cisco Networking

The Cisco ® Networking Academy ® Program teaches valuable networking and IT skills to students and worke worldwide who are interested in expanding their IT knowledge or starting a career in the technology industry. The Networking Academy program foste local economic growth by providing innovative IT curricula, as well as itructor development and support, to help produce a skilled workforce. Changing the Way People Learn More than two million students have successfully completed Cisco Networking Academy Program coues in high schools, colleges and univeities, technical and military schools, and community- based educational organizatio around the world. The coues use a blended learning model to integrate face-to-face teaching with challenging online curricula, hands-on lab exercises, and an Internet-based assessment tool. Since being launched in 1997, the Networking Academy program has been implemented in more than 165 countries, with coues taught in nine languages. This industry-leading program provides an educational framework that prepares students for networking and IT-related caree