Thankyou for choosing the Fujitsu FDX310 USB modem for your ADSL service connection. This document introduces you to the contents of your self-install package and provides instructions for getting started with ADSL. The full user manual, contained on the CD-ROM should be used to answer any detailed questions you may have. In the event of difficulty connecting to the ADSL service, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

Please follow the instructions carefully. Software should be installed before your modem is connected and microfilters inserted before use.
Section 1 – Preparation
1. Ensure that you have your ADSL account details from your Internet Service Provider
2. Please ensure that a telephone socket is located within 2 metres of your computer and that this is connected to a telephony service
3. Check the contents of your self-install Package:

Download pdf FDX310 Bus Powered USB Modem Self-Install Quick Installation Guide