Using Flash, create a basic animation for your web page.
1. Define essential Flash animation terms including: keyframe, shape tween and motion tween.
2. Define and identify the Flash Timeline.
3. List the three steps used to create an animation.
4. Explain the process used to create a graphic symbol.
5. Demonstrate the steps used to publish a Flash movie.
Today’s web sites are interactive. They consist of text, graphics, animation, audio and video. A popular application for creating rich interactive web pages is Macromedia® Flash. In this session, we will explore the Flash Timeline, basic animation, symbols and publishing a movie for the web.
About Flash
As mentioned earlier, Flash is an authoring tool for creating multimedia web sites. Flash uses a plug-in to embed its content into a web page. A plug-in is a piece of software that adds functionality to a web browser. According to Macromedia, more than 98 percent of web users can receive Flash content.
Flash provides two methods for creating an animation on the Timeline: frame-by-frame and tween. Frame-by-frame animation is achieved by creating an image in every frame. In tween animation, you create starting and ending frames and Flash creates the frames in- between.


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