Cisco Systems corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. Cisco Systems … Cisco Systems is sure to turn heads with this state-of-the-

Volume 3 Issue 1 Case Study Iide this Issue… Cisco Systems Locatio: San Jose, California Sydney, Australia Singapore Paris, France Canada Chile Peru India China Mexico Vertical Market: Technology Application: Campus Cabling New Cotruction Panduit Network Connectivity Group ® Driving into the millennium at Gigabit Speeds Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cisco Systems is the leading manufacturer of end-to-end network- ing solutio for the Internet. Panduits network connectivity continues to drive companies like Cisco Systems into the next millennium. Since 1993, Cisco Systems has been utilizing Panduits network connectivity solutio throughout multi-building corporate campuses in Silicon Valley as well as other global locatio in Australia, Singapore, France, Canada, Chile, Peru, India, China and Mexico. The physical layer of the network is the basis for a well performing network infrastructure. With Panduits industry leading net- work connectivity solutio, Cisco Systems network administrato have been able to provide flexible, fully integrated products designed for cabling system termination, routing