You have just purchased a modem featuring a pioneering new technology, making Internet access possible at speeds previously only imagined. This external cable modem is one part of a comprehensive communications system that utilizes the cable television network to deliver high-speed data to your computer. Data is requested and sent over the cable television network at burst rates of up to 38 megabits per second (Mbps)*. This chapter explains how to prepare your computer system for cable modem installation.

* Actual speeds will vary depending on computer hardware, applications, service offered by your cable service provider, and network traffic.

Cable Modem Features
- Cable line bandwidth allows user data rates of up to 38 megabits per second (Mbps)*, faster than 56K analog modems, ISDN, or ADSL.
- Two-way design means that the cable modem both sends and receives data over the cable line.
- Plug-and-play USB operation ensures easy setup and installation.
- DOCSIS-compliance ensures interoperability with cable suppliers.
- 3Com’s extensive technical support organization provides you with the quick answers you need to get up and running.
* NOTE: Please note that the following factors affect the speeds you may experience: (1) your computer equipment and configuration, including the speed of your processor, the amount of RAM on your system, and your available

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