Key Components IPU Compartment With High-Voltage Battery High Voltage Cables Electric Motor Fuel Tank Under-hood Fuse Box High Voltage Cables Gasoline Engine, Electric Motor, and Transmission Fuel Tank 12 V Battery Under-hood Fuse Box IPU Compartment With High-Voltage Battery Gasoline Engine Transmission 12 V Battery Fuel Lines Type, Size, Shape, and Materials The Civic Hybrid is a 5-passenger gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle powered by a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The Civic Hybrid resembles a Civic 4-door sedan, except that it has a roof antenna above the windshield. It also has the words, “Hybrid” and “Gasoline-Electric,” on the back.

Most chassis and body components are made of standard materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic. A few parts are made of magnesium. Curb Weight The curb weight of the Civic Hybrid is 2,732 pounds (1,239 kg) for CVT vehicles, and 2,661 pounds (1,207 kg) for manual transmission vehicles. Vehicle Description GASOLINE ELECTRIC Engine The main power source is a 1.3 liter, 4-cylinder gasoline engine located under the hood. Electric Motor During start-up and acceleration, the engine is assisted by a battery-powered electric motor, located between the engine and the transmission. During braking and deceleration, the electric motor acts as a generator to recharge the high-voltage battery and the 12-volt battery. Turning the ignition switch to either the Accessory (I) or the Lock (0) position turns off the engine and the electric motor. 12-Volt Battery The conventional 12-volt battery under the hood powers all standard electronics such as the lights, audio system, temperature control system, and the engine ignition and fuel injection system.

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