There is a known issue in the Analysis ToolPak of Microsoft Excel 2007. The Regression tool in the Analysis ToolPak in Excel 2007 does not display residual and line fit plots correctly. For more information on this problem please see:

This issue has been documented to Microsoft and a hotfix is currently being developed for release by the end of September 2007. In the meantime, a work around has been implemented for users who need to use the Regression Tool.

Step Procedure 1 Once a regression analysis is run, users will only see one residual plot for the first column of data. Any additional residual plots and all line fit plots will be missing (this is the bug; see picture below).The workaround involves an Excel Add-In that has been installed on all Haas Terminal Servers. The workaround installs a button called Fix Regression Charts which is located under the Data Analysis button on the Excel 2007 menu

Download pdf How do I Apply the Microsoft Excel 2007 Analysis Toolpack Regression Chart Bug Workaround?