Installation guide Single-Frame front bumper HF 7651 for the Audi A8 D2 pre-facelift (1994-1998)
1. Removal of the original bumper:
Remove all screws which hold the bumper.
Remove the bumper together with the alloy bar. This is hold by two big screws.
Remove the alloy bar from the original bumper and install it to the car.

2. Placement of the Hofele-Design front bumper on the car:
Place the new bumper on the car but do not yet bolt it on.

3. Preparation of the bonnet:
Remove the front grill and the rubber stripe behind it.
Remove the bonnet/hood lock and replace the grip through a longer one (part of delivery) Install the front grill (HF 7354-V8, W12 or S8) in the extension piece.

4. Placement of the extension piece:
Place the extension piece onto the bonnet/hood and fix it with adhesive tape. Align the front grill so that there is an even slit between bumper and grill.

5. Screwing of the bumper:
After the alignment of the front bumper and the front grill you can screw the front bumper.

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