This document contains everything you need to get started with iTunes Connect: it outlines the app setup and delivery process and provides a step-by-step guide on how to use iTunes Connect to manage your iOS and Mac OS X apps on the App Store.
iTunes Connect is a suite of web-based tools created for developers to submit and manage their apps for sale via the App Store. In iTunes Connect you will be able to check the status of your contracts, manage iTunes Connect and test users, obtain sales and finance reports, view app crash logs, request promotional codes, set up iAd Network and Game Center preferences, as well as add or manage app metadata, binaries, and In-App Purchases.
This guide is organized as follows:
- Before You Begin describes decisions you need to make and what you need to do before you begin.
- Overview of iTunes Connect provides an overview of the iTunes Connect modules and describes how to log in.
- Viewing Sales and Trend Information describes how to view and download daily and weekly App Store sales data reports for your apps.
- Contracts, Tax, and Banking describes how to request and enter into paid application agreements, provide required financial and tax information, and track the status of your iTunes agreements.
- Viewing Payments and Financial Reports describes how Admin and Finance users can download monthly financial reports.
- Managing Users explains the types of users you can set up and describes how to set up iTunes Connect users.
- Adding New Apps describes how to enter app metadata, set pricing and territories, add languages, and prepare your app for binary upload to the App Store.
- Using Application Loader describes how to upload your binary once your app is Waiting for Upload.
- Managing Your Applications describes how to check the status, reject your binary, remove an app from sale, view crash logs, delete an app from iTunes Connect, among other things.
- Editing and Updating App Information describes how to make changes to your app and create a version update.
- Requesting Promotional Codes describes how to request promotional codes that you can use for promotional purposes to provide interested parties with a free copy of your app.
- Managing Your In-App Purchases describes how to embed a store directly within your app so you can sell additional content.
- Manage Game Center describes how to enable your app for Game Center testing and how to set up your Leaderboard and Achievements.
- Using the iAd Network describes the iAd Network, which you can use to easily incorporate iAd ads into your apps. You can also monitor performance and track revenue.
- Best Practices describes guidelines to get the most out of the App Store and increase the success of your app.