Before starting, make sure painted and trim surfaces are protected to avoid scratching during installation process of the items. Use proper surface protection covers and work attire free of dirt and grease.
Caution: Read entire instructions thoroughly before starting. Installation should be performed only by a qualified person. Observe all safety precautions when working beneath a vehicle. Beware of sharp edges. Always wear safety glasses for eye protection.

Place a protective drop cloth on the trunk floor and trunk sill. Remove the threaded button and push clip from the trunk liner
Button and Clip P/N:
N 095 819 01 Threaded Button 191 867 199 Push Clip
Key out of ignition switch and radio off.
Use the UNIBIT to enlarge the hole in the support for the hat shelf on the drivers side to 18mm.
After enlarging the hole apply primer to the bare metal.
Do not drill too deep. You will damage interior trim parts
Bend the brackets at the drilled end.

Download pdf Jetta 2005.5 6 CD Changer Instructions Specifically

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