Welcome to Life After Word 2003. This manual will serve as both an introduction to Microsoft Word 2007, as well as a guide to better assist your transition from Word 2003 to Word 2007. The bulk of this publication will be a “How to” manual presenting the fundamental steps in Word 2007, but will also include tables at the end of each section comparing the steps you took in Word 2003 to the steps you will now take in Word 2007.

While Microsoft has made some noticeable changes to their latest release of Office, we hope that with the assistance of this guide your transition will not be too intimidating. The instructions in this document are assuming that all settings are the defaults. If you have changed any of the settings in Word 2007, the images and instructions may be somewhat different. The images you see in the following document were taken on a Windows Vista PC using Microsoft Word 2007.
Word 2007 presents a new user-interface which is quite different than previous versions of Word. This section will provide you with some basic information about the new look and features available in Word 2007 in order to help you get started.

The Ribbon
• The Ribbon – Upon launching Word 2007 for the first time the most noticeable change is likely Microsoft’s replacement of the traditional toolbars and menus with the Ribbon. The Ribbon presents you with a panel of commands which are organized into a set of tabs (known as the Tab Bar). Each task-oriented tab presents groupings of tasks and their associated subtasks..
• The Microsoft Office Button
- The Microsoft Office Button has replaced the File menu in earlier versions of Word. By clicking on this button, you are presented with the commands previously found in the File menu of Word 2003, including New, Open, Save, Save As, Print and Close. In addition, some of these commands include an expandable menu to provide additional options.
• Live Preview – Another new feature in Word 2007 is Live Preview, which temporarily applies formatting on the selected text or object when you mouse-over any of the formatting buttons. This temporary formatting is removed once the mouse pointer is moved away from the button, allowing you to preview how the text would appear without having to apply it.

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