L-Soft is aligning LISTSERV’s version numbering with the rest of the e-mail industry. There have been 51 released versions of LISTSERV since 1986 – 15 major upgrades and 36 minor releases. Version 1.8e in the “traditional” numbering system corresponds to 14.0. The present update is version 15.0. Because the old nomenclature is more familiar to our users, in this version of the documentation we will continue to refer to versions of LISTSERV inferior to version 14.4 by the old version system. Preface – About

This Manual Every effort has been made to ensure that this document is an accurate representation of the functionality of LISTSERV®. As with every software application, development continues after the documentation has gone to press so small inconsistencies may occur. We would appreciate any feedback on this manual. Send comments via email to: MANUALS@LSOFT.COM The following documentation conventions have been used in this manual: • Menus, options, icons, fields, and text boxes on the screen will be bold (e.g. the Help icon). • Clickable buttons will be bold and within brackets (e.g. the [OK] button).

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