Microsoft uses SAP as its primary Enterprise Resource Planning software. The Microsoft Enterprise Application Services Group depends on a variety of SAP systems for online transaction processing, batch processing and analytical reporting.

The Challenge
Two of these mission-critical systems include SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) and SAP Business Warehouse (BW). Both systems have four separate environments: technical sandbox, development, test and production. They require a total of eight separate databases and these databases were frequently running out of backup space due to extensive growth.

Steve Bury, Senior Technologist in the Enterprise Application Services (EAS) Group, explained, “Without a compression solution we were on the verge of having to acquire additional database backup storage to accommodate database growth. Just adding a few drives was not an option. Most systems’drivebays were full so we would have been required to add both new drivebays as well as additional controllers. A far more expensive alternative would have been to replace all existing drives with larger ones.”

The Quest Solution
Today the Microsoft EAS Group is using LiteSpeed™ for SQL Server to help compress and speed up the back- up process on all SAP systems: R/3, GTS, APO and BW. All R/3 environments are running on SQL Server 2005 and the other systems will be upgraded soon. As a result, Microsoft estimates it will save up to $186,000 per year for costs associated to resources, storage and hardware. “With LiteSpeed for SQL Server, we recognized a 4-to-1 compression ratio on our SAP database backups which solved our disk space problem. Without LiteSpeed it would not have been possible to move the 2.2 terabyte R/3 database from tape-based backups to disk-based backups,”said Bury.

Hardware Savings
LiteSpeed allowed the Microsoft SAP Group to get more life out of its existing hardware, which apart from the storage capacity problems was perfectly adequate. “CPU utilization, memory and disk I/O were not an issue. It was solely a drive capacity problem,”added Winge. “Using LiteSpeed solved the problem, and we have realized additional benefits.”

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