This document was produced on June 28, 2006 and may be out of date. For the most recent copy of the Power Book Builder User s Guide, please go to Developed by Nirvana Bound Pty Ltd and Resource Engineering, Inc. Table of Cont ii New in Version 1.2 Express Conversion Button now available New naming options for image names New naming options for Toolbook object names Mapping details are now saved Multiple choice field questions added to the PowerPoint Catalog

Grid Questions added to the PowerPoint Catalog About the Power Book Builder Overview Features and Benefits System Requirements Typical Use Scenarios Converting Existing PowerPoints Using PPT as a Storyboarding Template Installation… 4 Quick Start How to Use the Power Book Builder ToolBook Required ToolBook Files PBB.exe PBB_Blank.tbk (or your own template book) TBK_Objs.tbk AutoShapes.tbk PBB.wbk . 7 Other Required Files TBConv.tbm Catalog.ppt StoryBoard.ppt Preparing for the Conversion Directory/File Structure Setting up the Power Book Builder Power Book Builder Converter Screens Welcome/Preparation Checklist Project Settings PowerPoint Sizing ToolBook Page and Object Naming Text Conversion Options Graphic Conversion Settings Additional Conversion Options The Magic Button Converting Existing PowerPoints Getting the Most from Graphic Conversions Definitions of Different Types of Graphics Clipart Images Unconverted PowerPoint Objects Getting the Best Graphic Conversions Is the graphic grouped with other objects? So, Just what Will Power Book Builder Convert? Special Note About .gifs Known Is 36 Clipart Gets Converted as an Image Clipart Only Gets Partially Converted Using the Power Book Builder Storyboard Proper Storyboard Use Makes Conversion Mapping Easier Converting from the PowerPoint Storyboard Recommendations to Streamline Your Development Process Fine-Tuning and Customizing the PowerPoint to ToolBook Conversion Creating Your Own PowerPoint Template Naming PowerPoint Objects Using Your Own ToolBook Template Customizing Power Book Builder Objects in the TBK_Objs.tbk Products Popup Message Box Widget Audio Player Widget Grid Question Object Question Objects Using the PowerPoint Question Objects Products Popup Message Box Widget Audio Player Widget Grid Question Object Other Power Book Builder Features Re-Running Power Book Builder (the PBB.inf file) AutoShapes.tbk

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