This Advanced Troubleshooting Guide is intended to be used by approved Inmarsat Distribution Partners, Service Providers and Distributors as a supplemental tool to the Regional BGAN Satellite IP Modem User Manual and FAQ’s published on the Inmarsat Regional BGAN micro site when diagnosing Modem problems. The instructions in this guide assume that the reader has general knowledge of the Regional BGAN Satellite IP Modem and Microsoft Windows.

For confirmation of a suspected defective Modem, SIM, charger or battery, this guide will refer to the A-B-A test. The A-B-A test is simply (A) confirming the problem with the customer’s suspected defective components, (B) substituting a known good component to prove that repairing or replacing the suspected defective component fixes the problem, and (A) again duplicating the problem with the original defective customer components.
1. A = duplicate reported problem using customer’s suspected defective components.
2. B = replace suspected defective component with a known good component to verify resolution of problem.
3. A = duplicate reported problem once again using customer’s original suspected defective components

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