DIGI96/8 PAD allows the recording of digital and analog audio from CD, DAT, sampler or other sources directly into your computer. The numerous unique features and well thought-out configuration dialog puts the DIGI96 series at the very top of the range of digital audio interface cards. Drivers for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, 2000 and MacOS allow a problem-free, comfortable and powerful usage on computer systems with PCI bus technology.

Drivers for Linux are available both as OSS and ALSA version. This wide choice of drivers makes the DIGI96 series the most versatile cross platform digital audio card available, which may be used under all major Operating Systems. Our ‘hi-performance’ philosophy guarantees full system performance in all possible functions not carried out by the driver (the computer´s CPU) but carried out by the DIGI96 series hard-ware.

Download pdf for RME DIGI96/8 PAD Users Guide Manual for Macintosh