ToneUp v1.0r was a small application specifically designed to allow the user to upload custom tonal curves into their Nikon D70 digital camera. ToneUp S3 has taken the application a few steps further and now includes not only Nikon NEF processing but, with the incorporation of David Coffin’s excellent DCRaw, any DSLR raw image processing, along with Image printing, Image Transfering, Image Browsing and Time Lapse photography.

ToneUp is really two products in one :-
Firstly, for Nikon cameras it is a Custom Curve tool and, in its most basic form, allows you to upload custom tone curves into your Nikon DSLR camera.
Features specifically designed for custom curves are :-
Create curves with the Curve window *
Preview curves effects on loaded images *
Compare curves with the Curve Browser *
Import curves from Nikon Capture and Adobe Photoshop *
Download from the online curve database *
Upload from the online curve database *
Embed curves into NEFs
Extract curves from NEFs
* These features are all available for all camera makes, not just Nikon

Download pdf ToneUp S3 Manual

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