CAPACITIES & FLUID TYPES Engine Oil, 2WD1 4.0L drained with filter quarts 5W-30 drained w/o filter quarts Date Mileage Detail Cost 2.7L drained with filter quarts drained w/o filter quarts 4WD2 4.0L drained with filter quarts drained w/o filter quarts 2.7L drained with filter quarts drained w/o filter quarts Cooling System, 4.0L w/ MT quarts 4.0L w/ AT quarts 2.7L w/ MT quarts 2.7L w/ AT quarts ** Use “Toyota Super Long Life Coolant” Automatic Transmission, 4-speed quarts ATF 5-speed quarts Manual Transmission, 4.0L 2WD quarts Gear Oil 75W-90 2.7L 4WD quarts 2.7L 2WD quarts Differential, 2WD1 quarts 4WD2 rear quarts 4WD2 front quarts ** SAE 75W-90 in front, rear 80W-90 < 0°F (-18°C) < SAE 90 ** If equipped with LSD in rear use “Hypoid Gear Oil for Limited Slip” Transfer Case quarts Gear Oil 75W-90 Power Steering ATF Brake Fluid DOT3 1. except PreRunner 2. PreRunner & 4WD

This information is ONLY TO BE USED AS A GUIDE. Always consult your manual for further information. LUBRICATION Date Mileage Detail Cost Chassis Lubrication 2WD Fittings, 0 Plugs 4WD Fittings, 0 Plugs ** Synthetic multi-purpose grease NLGI #2 Clutch Fluid SAE J1703 or FMVSS No.116 DOT 3 Front Drive Shaft Thrust Bushings NLGI #1 Propeller Shaft – Spiders NLGI #2 – Slide Yokes NLGI #2 ** Synthetic multi-purpose grease TIRE PRESSURE ** Proper Tire Pressure Is Printed On Sticker ** ** Located On/Near Drivers Door Jab ** TORQUES Differential Front Drain Plug ft-lbs Fill Plug ft-lbs Differential Rear Fill Plug ft-lbs Manual Transmission Drain Plug ft-lbs Fill Plug 27 ft-lbs Spark Plug Gap Specifications 1.0 – 1.1mm (0.0394 – 0.0433in) Oil Drain Plug 30 ft-lbs Wheel Lug Nut 85 ft-lbs Page 2 Expendables Air Filter Toyota 2.7L 17801-0C040 Toyota 4.0L 17801-0P010 Fram 4.0L CA9683 K&N 4.0L 33-2281 AmsOil 4.0L 46888 Cabin Air Filter Toyota 88508-01010 (Pontiac Vibe) TY02116P Differential Rear Fill Plug Gasket Toyota 12157-10010 Fuel Filter Toyota None Serviceable Light Bulbs High & Low Beam Headlamp H4 or 9003 Front Turn Signal 4157 Rear Turn Signal & Tail Light 3157 Back Up Light 921 High Mount Stop & Map & License Light 168 Fog Light HB or 9145 Dome Light 3022 Oil Filter AmsOil 4.0L EaO57 AmsOil 4.0L (oversized) EaO34 Fram 4.0L (DG/TG/XG)3614 Fram 4.0L (oversized) (DG/TG/XG)3600 K&N 4.0L HP-1002 K&N 4.0L (oversized) HP-2009 Mobil1 4.0L (oversized) M1-209 SuperTech 4.0L ST3614 SuperTech 4.0L (oversized) ST3600 Toyota 2.7L 90915-YZZD1 Toyota 4.0L (oversized) 90915-YZZD3 Toyota 2.7L TRD PTR14-00000-04 Toyota 4.0L TRD PTR14-00000-07 Page 3 Date Mileage Detail Cost Date Mileage Detail Cost Expendables (continued) Oil Drain Plug Gasket Toyota 90430-12028 Toyota (??) 90430-12031 Oil-Tite 9/16? M14 Metal/Rubber 65269 Oxygen Sensor Denso 4.0L Front 234-9002 Denso 4.0L Rear 234-4622 Bosh PCV Valve Toyota 2.7L 12204-0C010 Toyota 4.0L 12204-31030 Serpentine Belt Toyota 2.7L No A/C 90916-02639 Toyota 2.7L With A/C 90916-02640 Toyota 4.0L 90916-A2001 Spark Plug Toyota 2.7L 90919-01191 Denso 2.7L SK20HR11 NGK 2.7L ILFR6C11 Toyota 4.0L 90919-01235 Denso 4.0L K20HR-U11 NGK 4.0L LFR6C11 Manual Transmission Fill/Drain Plug Gasket Toyota 90430-18008 Windshield Wiper Driver (22in) 85222-04030 Passenger (21in) 85212-04030 Page 4 Manufacturers Recommended Maintenance Schedule These are the recommendations, your mileage may vary.

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