1. Open Photostory 3.
2. Select “Begin a New Story”
3. Click Next.
This step also allows you to edit a previously made story or play a story.

STEP 2: Import and arrange your pictures Things you can do: import images, remove black borders, rotate imagery, simple photo editing.
1. Click Import Pictures. Locate the folder where your images are located. If you have not found images, visit to access a list of search tools that can be used to locate digital imagery.
2. Click on your first image. Hold the shift key down. Click on the last image-this will select all images. To select images non-sequentially, hold the control key down and select. Click OK once selected. The images will now load into the timeline.
3. To reorder your images, click and drag and reposition in the timeline.
NOTE: you can always add other imagery by repeating step 2 above.
4. OPTIONAL: Once the order of the images have been determined (this may be predetermined in a storyboard), you may wish to remove the black borders of your images. Click Remove Black borders. Click Yes to All. Click OK.
Editing Effects: Rotate and Crop, Auto Fix and Add Effect
Add Effect: None, Black and White, Chalk and Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Diffuse Glow, Negative, Outline-Black, Outline-Grey, Sepia, Washout, and Water Color.
5. SAVE EARLY SAVE OFTEN!!! At this point, save your file. Save it to the folder created in the Prep step above. Be sure that your images and Photostory file are in the same folder.
6. Click Next.

Download pdf Using Microsoft Photostory 3