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Voice over Internet Protocol—VoIP—is a new way to make and receive telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection rather than a regular phone line.VoIP converts your phone call—actually, the voice signal from your phone—into a digital signal that travels through the Internet to the peon you are calling. If you are calling a plain old telephone number, the signal is converted back at the other end. If you’re comfortable with new technology, you may be interested in learning more about VoIP. OnGuard Online suggests that it’s smart to do some research on VoIP before signing up for it. VoIP Technology VoIP technology is offered by some new companies that specialize in VoIP service, some traditional telephone and cable companies, as well as some Internet Service Provide. Most services using VoIP allow you to call anyone with a telephone number-including local, long distance, cellular, and international numbe. Othe may allow you to call only