Validating the interoperability of Foundry’s VoIP solutions, our. customers seamlessly
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HIGH QUALITY VOIP NETWORKING SOLUTIONS Foundry VoIP switching architecture provides the highest performance, lowest-latency solution on the market, with guaranteed call quality for your VoIP traffic. Our wire-speed traffic prioritization capabilities eliminate packet-loss and eures VoIP traffic gets through loud and clear, even when there’s high- volume data traffic. Our ASIC based QoS enforcement not only provides the industry’s lowest latency switching, but does so without compromising performance. Foundry provides a rich set of QoS services for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic,including support for DSCP,802.1p,QoS marking & remarking,ToS,and DiffServ.Our hardware based access control list and rate limiting features iure that voice traffic is given the highest priority and is never disrupted by data traffic. With automated voice discovery capability and QoS support, switches can dynamically discover IP phones.