The working methods described in the Workshop Manual apply to work carried out in a workshop. The engine has been removed from the boat and is installed in an engine fixture. Unless otherwise stated reconditioning work which can be carried out with the engine in place follows the same working method. Warning symbols used in this Workshop Manual (for full explanation of the symbols refer to the section; “Safety Precautions”) All operations described in the Workshop Manual for which there are Volvo Penta Special Tools available assume that these tools are used by the service technician or person carrying out the repair.

Volvo Penta Special Tools have been specifically developed to ensure as safe and rational working methods as possible. It is therefore the responsibility of the person or persons using other than Volvo Penta Special Tools or approved Volvo Penta working methods (as described in a Work- shop Manual or Service Bulletin), to acquaint them- selves of the risk of personal injury or actual mechanical damage or malfunction that can result from failing to use the prescribed tools or working method. In some cases special safety precautions and user in..

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