This Workshop Manual contains technical specifica- tions, descriptions and instructions for the repair of the following engines in standard format: MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2040. This Workshop Manual can show operations carried out on any of the engines listed above. As a result the illustrations and pictures in the manual that show certain parts on the engines, do not in some cases apply to all the engines listed. How- ever the repair and service operations described are in all essential details the same. Where they are not the same this is stated in the manual and where the difference is considerable the operations are described separately. The Engine Designations and Engine Number can be found on the product plate. Please always include both the engine designation and the engine number in all correspondance .

The Workshop Manual is produced primarily for the use of Volvo Penta workshops and service technicians. For this reason the manual presupposes a certain basic knowledge of marine propulsion systems and that the user can carry out the mechanical/electrical work described to a general standard of engineering competence.

Volvo Penta products are under a continual process of development and we therefore reserve all rights regarding changes and modifications. All the information in this manual is based on product specifications avail- able at the time the book was published. Any essential changes or modifications introduced into production or updated or revised service methods introduced after the date of publication will be provided in the form of Service Bulletins.

Download pdf Volvo Penta Marine engines MD201OA/B/C – MD202OA/B/C Worksop Manual

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