Removing back cover
1) Remove antenna. Hold antenna hex with wrench to keep from turning.
2) Remove 2 screw covers from back cover.
3) Remove 2 screws with 6mm allen head driver.
4) Remove back cover from bottom first. Carefully work cover over hex nut for antenna. Cover may break if removed from top first. Reattach by replacing back cover from top first, then return 2 screws (Torque to 4 ± 1 N-m), 2 screw covers and antenna. Hold antenna hex with wrench to keep from turning.

Mirror plate exchange – removing mirror plate
Your Lang-Mekra Mirror System is equipped with a durable mirror plate. The mirror glass is reinforced with anti-shattering adhesive to prevent splintering in the event of breakage. We strongly recommend the prompt replacement of damaged mirror plates.

If you have a heated mirror, be careful not to damage the wiring or the heater connection. If you have a remote control mirror, use the remote to place the mirror in removable position. Avoid manual movement of the remote mirror system.
To remove mirror plate:
1) Move mirror plate in at the bottom – manually if necessary, but remotely if possible.
1) Slide mirror plate up from bottom with firm steady pressure; when disengaged, carefully lift mirror plate to expose heater wires.
2) Disconnect wires simply by pulling on wire terminal cover.
Do NOT pull on wires. Do NOT cut wires.

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