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Which mobile phones emit the least radiation? Test of 25 mobile phones Report by TCO Development May 2004 Edition 2 2 CONTENTS 1. Foreword (with reference to veion 2) 3 2. Summary 3 3. Background and selection 4 4. Mobile labelling in brief 5 5. How the test was conducted 6 6. Results 7 7. Notes to the results 9 8. Conclusio 11 Appendix: TCO’01 Mobile Phones requirements 13 2004-05-11 3 1. FOREWORD (with reference to veion 2) This is veion 2 of the report. The amendments made are due to the fact that we have obtained a full test report on the SAR value of the Samsung V-200 which confirms that the SAR value is 0.68 W/kg. Samsung regrets the fact that an inaccurate SAR value (1.36 W/kg) was shown on their website. It was this value that was used in the fit veion of our report. As a result of this amendment, the number of recommended

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